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France will face Peru in the second match of Group C. At the Exeter Barg stadium, time is at 16.00. Peru was defeated by Denmark by an unbeaten goal when France beat France in their first match. France is the first in the group and Peru is the last.

Despite the challenge of Australia in the first match, Coach Didier Deshmax was not satisfied with his performance. The Frenchman’s strategy of superb figures like Greece, Embalape, Boggé, and Dembele in the first leg was a danger to the crash in defense.

Furthermore, it is necessary to correct the mistakes of Greece, the embargo and the fining. They could not get a free kick in the competition against Soccers.

Peru faced with the World Cup favors French parade. But there is no way to lose the price because of having a memorable experience against Senegal. Trying to get a good margin will be the first in the group. There are no substantial changes in the lean fluid that has come against Australia.

Peru was defeated in front of Denmark when Peru was at the end of the competition. Pollen scored the first goal in the first half. Denmark’s goal-keeper, Casper Schmysk, was in trouble before Peru, who had returned to the draw for a number of times, In the first match, Jefferson Farfan and Edison Floren made some good movements for Peru but did not end the goal.

While Coach Ricardo Garesa and the players do not expect any of the great wonders against France, they will try to donate a match to the World Cup matches. Perfume’s garrison is the farm and floras. The defensive which caught Denmark in the last game is a bit safer.

After World Cup 1978, a South American country has not defeated France. If this is a problem, it will be history. Japan had won a similar milestone in the last one day by going to Colombia.