FIFA World Cup: France Vs Peru, Denmark Vs Australia, Getting to the next round France … Peru meets today!

Ekaterinburg: The second round of the teams in the 21st FIFA World Cup division rounds have started. In the C-section, Australia meets Denmark in today’s play. The following match is played by Peru in France.

The 21st FIFA ​World Cup football tournaments are held in Russia. 31 teams have entered the World Cup, winning in the qualifying round of the tournament. Russia is directly qualified to run the competition. The 20 World Cup, including the current champion Germany in the World Cup in 2014, will participate in the World Cup.

The tournament for this World Cup is exciting. The 32 teams are divided into 8 teams each with 4 teams. Each team will play with the other three teams in his section.

Accordingly, each team is playing in the second match. Russia and Uruguay have advanced to the next round from A-section. In this match, C-section plays Denmark and Australia in today’s play. In the next match, France and Peru meet.

In Section C France – Peru. In the C section so far. France beat Australia 2-1.

Denmark won 1-0 Peru

France and Denmark have 3 points each in the C-Dot’s list. Australia did not get any point. France and Australia clashed in the first match of the C-section. France won 2-1 with a goal. Denmark won 1-0 in the second match.

The former World Cup champion, France, is in the running to win the trophy 20 years later. The last World Cup entered the quarterfinals.

The current champion Germany, which was considered to be the World Cup winning team, lost in the first match. Brazil and Spain escaped with the draw. France won the first match in Australia.

From the beginning to the end of the match against Denmark in the C, dominated Peru team. At the 59th minute of the match, the team won the only goal of the game in Bolden.

Australia is playing with Denmark in today’s C-Series matches. In the next match, France collides with Peru.

The next step is to find out who is going to improve in this section today. Since Peru can progress to the second round, it is expected that France will not make a mistake in the last match.