FIFA World Cup| Argentina Vs Croatia, Messi reappears again: Argentina fears confident Croatia

Argentina and Messi are now in Croatia for the first time in the World Cup. Since the first match is balanced, Argentina needs a victory over the pre-quarterfinals. Even in Croatia, the confidence of Nigeria was defeated.

Messi and Argentina were confident that Iceland Goalie Hallderson was scapegoating. It is like fraying in the draw. Likely to expect a change in team lineup. Many heads and heads. Christian pavin can play in the left winger instead of the pale Angel D Maria.

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Heggwein should have a chance from the first time. Behind the scenes are likely to be driven to Roho and Bigley. Gabriel Mercado and Giovanni Lo Solesova are likely to fall to the ground. Mascherano-Bigliya’s partnership is sure to be broken down because of festivities.

Racketti, Mandz and Luca Modey are sure that they will not make big changes in Croatia’s first leavers. We need to see a single striker go down to normal formation, or to throw more Samball forward into the globe. This Argentine column is heavily dependent on Messi ‘s feet. If the world wants to be called the World Cup high, it must be from the side.