FIFA World Cup 2018: Spain Vs Iran Spain defeated Iran by 1-0 win the victory aginst Iran

The 21st World Cup football season is currently taking place in Russia. In Group ‘B’, Spain and Iran teams clashed at the Kazan Maidan. Spain won the 1-0 1-0 win on Iran.

2018 World Cup Football

In the first match of the Spanish team against Portugal, Portugal’s star Ronaldo hat-trick scored the goal for the score 3-3. So, the Spanish team had been forced to win yesterday’s match against Iran.

In the first match against Morocco, the team had lost the chance to level up the match due to Same Side Cole. So, the team had to compete in yesterday’s competition to compete in the tournament. Spaniards dominated the beginning of the game. The Iran team focused entirely on Tiffany. However, the Spanish team only managed to have only one Target shot. That’s the team’s Defense Duff. In spite of the 72nd span of the Spanish team in the first half, the team could not score a goal. The goal was not without a goal.

In the 54th minute of the second half of the Spanish team’s eicesta pass ball, the lovely kolakiko Diego Costa. This is the third goal in the World Cup. Then Iran started its adaptation game. In the 62nd minute, the team of Spain requested referee Reyri to turn off the side to make it to the goal. VAR technology confirmed it was off the side. Thus, Iran lost an excellent opportunity to level up the game. After that, the two teams could not make the goal.

Diego Costa is happy with the 3rd goal in the World Cup

At the end of the tournament, the Spanish team won 1-0 at the 1-0 win, scoring 4 points. However, the Portugal team is in the 4 points. Also, the two teams have played 4 goals in two matches. The Spanish team will meet with Morocco in the upcoming 25th match. The Iran team will face Portugal in another match on the same day.