FIFA World Cup: Belgian captain Hejard criticized the victory of Hero Lucaku!

Moscow Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku may have become a hero after his team won 3-0 in the World Cup against Panama, but despite this, he did not escape the criticism of his captain Eden Hazard.

Lukaku was trying to escape in the first half of the match against Panama. Hejard said this in an interview released by Sky Sports. He said, “I can talk as a captain.

I can try my best on the pitch, and if I’m able to help my fellow players better, I will certainly do. Hejard said, we talk normally and we won the match. everything was perfect.

If we beat Tunisia, then we can go ahead. The captain said, in such a situation, we need to perform best against Tunisia and after that, we will face England.

Hejard said that you do not even have an idea of what could be against England. They have good players and they are strong. They can find many opportunities. Therefore, if their team will beat Tunisia, it would be better for them.