FIFA World Cup: Exotic fans want to settle in a marriage match in Russia

Moscow: Fans from other countries during the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Russia, fans are showing a lot of interest in fostering a football match and also enhancing the local girls.

The same situation comes from Argentine fan Fan Agustin Othello, who is busy in counting the number of Russian girls on his phone rather than sitting in Moscow Park to review his team’s performance.

A 26-year-old engineer wearing a blue and white striped jersey was asked about this, so he happily said that four. Agustin’s friends are competing in it, who can collect the phone number of the most girls. Gustin hopes that his “attractive personality” will benefit him and he will get his “love” here.

He said that we do not know what to do in the matches so we thought that the people of Russia know better. Like Agustin, other fans of Argentina are also watching the Russian girls’ selfie on the dating app Tinder.

Russia‘s politicians have already given the advice to stay away from foreigners. Very few girls here know English or Spanish. Even after the language barrier fans are not able to stop themselves from meeting Russian people.

Russian politicians, however, advised local women to stay away from foreign men. One day before the start of the World Cup, communist MP and Tamara Plateneva, head of the Committee of Family, Women, and Children in Parliament, cautioned the women of Russia while encouraging the women of foreign soccer fans, “children of second caste” May have to follow along.

Tamara said that we should give birth to our own caste children. The other Russian senators, however, did not match their point of view.

LDPR MP Mikhail Dagtyarov said that with more love we will feel connected to the World Cup. The more children, the better it is. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin’s office termed Romance to be the personal choice of anybody during the World Cup.

Putin’s spokesman Dimitri Pescov said that Russian women can deal with their own issues. They are the best women in the world. A woman telling her name Maria S. said that she was eagerly waiting for the World Cup, because in the meantime “there will be many opportunities to meet foreigners. This 25-year-old woman has learned English before the World Cup begins.