FIFA World Cup 2018 | Poland’s defeat led to goals | Senegal’s FIFA World Cup to win the 2-1 victory

The football craze is at the peak of the FIFA World Cup, and in yesterday’s match, Thiago Ciënne and Poland goalkeeper Wojciech S have become the cause of the team’s defeat.

A defender of the goalkeeper and the suicidal goal of Sionak went to work in the first match of Senegal’s FIFA World Cup to win the 2-1 victory. The first African team in the Senegalese tournament has won so far.

Strikers Robert Levandovski and Saadio Mane were among the main attractions of the match but none of them could show their resonance.

Could not score In the 37th minute, Liverpool striker Mane handed the ball to Idrisa Guay, but Sionak hit the ball in the round to save the goal, and after that Senegal doubled the lead by taking advantage of the huge mistake of the Juventro’s experienced goalkeeper in the 60th minute.

Craychoviak will give the only goal to reduce the winning margin for Poland in the final moments of the game. Senegal will fight against Japan on Sunday.