FIFA World Cup 2018, Mohammad Salah, Russia defeated Egypet by 3-1 and qualify for knockout stage

FIFA World Cup 2018: Mohammad Salah made 28 years after the first round in Egypt’s World Cup but, Mohammad Salah scored 28 years later in the World Cup, but he could not save the team from the defeat of the host Russia.

In the FIFA World Cup played in Russia, Russia has almost allotted Egypt in a ninth round by defeating Egypt with three goals.

Russia, who defeated Saudi Arabia five-zero in their first match, with the start of the match, with a commitment to travel in the FIFA World Cup.

The first half was in no way, and in the second half, Ahmed Fateh of Egypt in his own goal, after which Russia scored two more goals.

Mohammad Salah Russian player Yuri Zarkov surrounded completely. To score its first round in the World Cup for 70 minutes.

Mohammad Salah peace was not completely fit and it came to Paris when he was exercising and shaking his left shoulder.

In the match against Russia, it came to know that 26-year-old Salah did not even touch the football for the first 30 minutes of the match, and when he got the ball, he hesitated and due to which the ball went out.

Egypt’s coach had no other option except to match the match with peace, and peace was the result of his trumpet that could not give results whose coach was hoping.

In Group H, Japan defeated Colombia by two-one and became the first Asian team to beat the South American team in the World Cup.

But this was not just the match, but in any match in the FIFA World Cup history, no red card was shown to anyone as soon as possible to show the Columbia player Carlos Sanchez on Tuesday.

The match between Japan and Colombia started sharp and in a few minutes, Carlos was shown the Red Card and Japan was fined in the first round.

Although Colombia already got a match in Half, Japan scored the match in Japan in the 73rd minute, and it lasted for the last time.

Senegal defeated Poland two by one in group H match. In this FIFA World Cup, Senegal has become the first African team who won the match.