FIFA ​World Cup 2018, Portugal Vs Morocco, Cristiano Ronaldo , Live Score, Live streaming

Morocco‘s victory in the victory crisis: today’s test of Portugal. The World Cup will be held at 5.30 pm on the ‘B’ section of the Portugal-Morocco clashes.

In the 21st FIFA ​World Cup football tournament in Russia, Portugal’s team led by Cristiano Ronaldo drove the first game against Spain’s mighty 3-3 in the league. Ronaldo scored a hat-trick in the match. This was Ronaldo’s 51st hat-trick, which won Fifa’s best player award five times. It is also the 51st hat-trick that has been hit in World Cup football history.

Ronaldo, who has participated in the 4th World Cup regularly, was the 4th player to score a four in the series. In this situation, the Portugal team will meet in Morocco in the 2nd league match today. If the match is successful, the Portuguese team will be able to advance the knockout round. This makes Ronaldo a better game again.

Andrea Silva, Portugal‘s captain, said, “I think we are stronger than Morocco. I did not say that it would be easy for them to play against. We can not underestimate the Moroccan team. There must be no respect for any opposition. “

Portugal and Morocco are in the second cup of history in the history of the World Cup. Finally, in the league of 1986, Morocco won a Portugal 3-1 goal. Today’s play is very important to Morocco, who qualifies for the Russian World Cup after 20 years.

At the last minute against the Iran team, Oz Kohl’s victory over Aussie Pauhhadas lost the victory. The Morocco team is in a difficult to win in the match if they want to stay out of the knockout round.