England Vs Australia | Eng Vs Aus | The England team scored 481 runs in one-day internationals

The England team has scored more runs in the match against Australia. England has repeatedly beaten his record of having already scored more runs.

England is playing in a five-match series against Australia. The England team is 2-0 ahead of two matches. Today is the third competition.

Australia won the Tass of the match at the England Nottingham ground and first selected the fielding. JJ Rai and JM Fastow were the only players in the England team who first played the paddock.

Both were revealed to be the action game. Rai scored 82 runs off 61 balls and left out to run out. The pair joined the next field, Hales Porosto.

Both of them bowled for Australian bowling. Barstow scored 139 runs in 92 deliveries and Hales scored 147 in the 92 balls. Morgan then took out 67 runs off 30 balls. At the end of the over, the England team scored 481 for 6 wickets.

The England team created the record for the highest run scorers in ODIs. Already in 2016, Pakistan scored 444 runs in the match against Pakistan. It was the highest run ever since. The England team has now beaten their record by taking 481 runs.