Emilia Clarke | Game of Thrones | Mother of Dragons no longer appear in the Game of Thrones

Mother of Dragons no longer appears in the Game of Thrones. Digital Desk, Whether it is a sword, horseback riding, love dragons as mother or kill your enemy with unkindness, they all get to see in the TV series ‘Game of Thrones’. This TV show is famous all over the world. From former US President Barack Obama to Hollywood and Bollywood Stars, this is a fan of the series.

But there is a bad news for those who want this show. In this show, the last heirs of the Tangierian lineage and the Denis Turgarian, which is also called the Mother of Dragons, Emilia Clarke will no longer be able to see her fans in this show. Actually, he has called the series his own goodbye. He gave this information to his Instagram post.

He wrote- “I have sat on the boat to go to another island and say goodbye to the place which has been my home for almost a decade. Working on ‘Game of Thrones‘ was like a trip. Thank you very much for giving me such a life and a family that I have never even imagined. ‘

This TV series debuted in America on April 17, 2011. These popular TV shows, George R. Based on R. Martin’s Book Series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire‘. It is broadcasted every season with 10 episodes.

The story of the series has been composed of many short stories and characters. Its story is from the empire of Westeros, who ruled over seven empires in one era. He dies in the conspiracy of the captured king. After this, all the seven kingdoms under it begin to present itself as the contender of that throne and such a start does not stop the war.

The shooting of the last season of the game of thrones has been completed. It will be broadcast on July 26. This will be the eighth and last season of the series. Not only the US, in many countries including India, the number of spectators who love this series is in crores. Its visitors have been eagerly waiting for every season.

Emilia Clarke got recognition from home in this series. His full name is Emilia Isabel Euphemia Rose Clark. In the series, Emilia Clark received $ 1.1 million for every episode. Because of the same show, Emilia had become the highest paid actress of prime time shows.