The national hockey team won the series against Austria 0-2

Pakistan hockey team won the FIF Champions Trophy preparations against Australia by winning 3 matches series 0-2.

Pakistan hockey team for the championship trophy preparations is present in Bredda, Holland city, and 5 matches against Holland and local clubs and Austria. During the matches, Rizwan Senior led the team.

Pakistan scored 3-0 in series 2-0 against Australia in the third and final match of the series. During the series, Arsalan appeared in Qadir farming in Qadir, he won two goals in the last match and won the overall 5-round series as well.

In the match in Breda, the Pakistani team adopted aggressively at the beginning and succeeded in starting the first round by Arsalan Qadir in the ninth minute.

In the second quarter, the Pakistani team once again made a good mole and managed to take the ball into the rival area of D Area, this time, Mubsher Ali doubled the Pakistan team by throwing the ball into the net with great beauty. No team was able to score more in the third quarter.

In the fourth quarter, the Pakistani team tried hard to complete the target-hit truck, Arslan Qader put the second and overall third-round victory over the Pakistani team just five minutes before the game ended.

During the match, the Austrian team got many opportunities to score but Forginer could not succeed in defending the Pakistani team’s defense.