FIFA World Cup 2018 | Russia vs Egypt | Mohammed Salah, Russia to secure knockout, Egypt hoping in Salah

Russia‘s Eugenio Competition Group group will be hosted by hosted by Egyptian superstar Mohammed Salah of the World Football. In the first game, Russia has defeated the five-time defending champion in the first round of the UEFA Cup final against Egypt.

In the opening round of the World Cup, they were ranked 70th in the rankings, not Russian fans. Their first match is that Russia, which has hosted the host country in the host country, has set out to perform strongly in their home country. Many footballers predict before the start of the games that the team will be able to change Russia as one of the strongest teams in the World Cup.

The Russians will not want to share with the South Africans (2010) that they will host the first round in the second round at St Petersburg. The group of 16 rounds is almost certainly guaranteed with six points winning against Egypt. Or multiple matches in the group must have unexpected results.

It is not easy for more than two teams to score six points or even five goals to overtake Russia‘s goal of defending their goals. Russia’s goal is to secure a knockout in the match against Egypt because it is against a stronger UGG in the next match group. Now they have the same.

The benefit of the host team and the ground support is not just because of Russia. Russia is the most authentic (50) team in the first-ever games in the 21st World Cup when the heavier teams have fallen. The other team has not scored four goals so far.

Russia is a great help to many great players. In the first match, they have proven that they are stronger than the final squads and the Reserve bench. Three goals scored against Saudis have also been substituted.

Dennis Cherish won two goals while Aerte Tsupa grabbed one. Alexander Golov and Yuri Jasinski were among the first to win the tournament. The Saudi team retained the ball at 60 percent of the time and won a great deal of grudge against their attack and defense skills.

Probabilistic team: Igol Akkinfive; Mario Fernandes, Ilya Keptopov, Sergey Ignasevich, Yuri Zirkov; Roman Sobin, Yuri Gassiski, Daler Kusanyev; Alexander Golov, Dennis Crisis; Folder Smolov.

In the first match, the 14th-ranked Uruguay will be in the 45th place with a confidence booster in the last minute. Miserable goals against Suarez and Cavani were just as bad as Egypt lost a point and a point. It is necessary to win against Russia to win that loss. They will also be able to win their first knockout in the World Cup with a relatively easy final group match against Saudi.

Give Egypt more energy than the competition against Uruguay The return of super striker Mohammed Salah. The presence of Salah is also one of the most important factors in Egypt-Russia competition. In the Salah season, which led to the World Cup after 28 years, he scored 44 goals for Liverpool. Salah won the African Footballer of the Year award for the number of players mentioned in the tournament.

If Egypt goes ahead in this World Cup, it is no doubt that it will be on the shoulder of Salah. If Salah was not in the Reserve bench to get the injury done, it would have been possible for Egypt to win against Uruguay. Some news agencies such as AFP have questioned his physical fitness during training time, even if the team indicates that Salah is a complete fit.

Egypt will not be able to beat against Uruguay at the end of the tournament and Russia will be facing the weaknesses of Saudi Arabia. Goalkeeper Mohammad El Shenavy, who is the best player in the tournament with a better serve,

List of probables: Mohamed El Sheanawi; Ali Gabri, Ahmad Hesse, Ahmed Fathi, Mohamed Abdulshafi; Tariq Hameed, Muhammad El Nini, Mahmoud Tzezege, Abdullah Al Said; Mohammad Salah and Makhan Mohsen.