Cricket | T-20 | History of Ireland-Scotland T20 International

The new T-20 history of Scotland and Irish teams fought yesterday in the semifinals T20 international in the Netherlands.

Scotland first scored 185 for the loss of 4 wickets in 20 overs, and Ireland scored 185 runs in 20 overs. In this way, the T-20 International Cricket has become the first to equalize the scores.

Ireland’s Paul Stirling made 81 off 5 balls with six fours and a six in the T20. This match in the tester is the 10th ‘tie’ overall, but usually the Super Over in the T20s. For the first time in the T20 international tournament, the end of the match has been accepted as ‘tie’ and the super over is not given.

Ireland needed 7 runs in the last over. There are 5 wickets in hand. Kevin O’Brien is in the field with 28 runs. But Scotland bourgeons Sofian Sheriff sent the pavilion to the Kenova Piraino in the first ball.

The next 4 balls came in 4 balls. So the last ball will need 3 runs for victory. Stuart Thompson was able to beat the ball in the direction of the leg by 2 runs, the tournament’s historic tie, ie, the tie-up decision.

Paul Stirling found half a 27 balls, his 8th T20 international hockey. He then bowled 81. However, Scotland’s team, which prevailed over 7 in the last over, must be a good assertive team.

Earlier, Katherine scored a maximum of 54 in the Scotland team. Munich and McCall at scored 46 runs each, while Kyotschar and Muncie scored 93 in 8 overs. But then Ireland scuttled Scotland. With 4 wickets falling, the run rate could be reduced to 200, and it was 185.