Bollywood | Ranbir Kapoor | Alia Bhatt | Deepika | Katrina, Ranbir Kapoor was ready to give up his life for Katrina

Bollywood‘s Handsome Hunk Ranbir Kapoor has been getting many headlines about Alia Bhatt with an affair. Prior to Ranbir Alia, Deepika and Katrina have also lived in the relationship. Katrina was ready to marry Ranbir and she also gifted a flat to Katrina in which both lived in the live-in relationship. But suddenly, something happened after which both Katrina and Ranbir were separated. No one has been able to know the reason for the separation of these two.

Ranbir used to so much love from Katrina that he was ready to give up his life for him. Yes … Ranbir himself disclosed this fact during an interview. Ranbir had said, ‘There are only a few people in his life for whom he can give his life too.’ When the media asked him about whom he could give his life, in response to this, Ranbir had said, ‘My family, Ayan, and Katrina.’ Ranbir told all these people the most essential part of his life.

After Ranbir Kapoor was compromised by the media to Salman Khan, Ranbir had said that it is not right to combine him with Salman. So far, he has not touched his stardom and if a bad film about a superstar is also hit, he is an actor superstar. Ranbir told Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan as the superstar.

However, these days Ranbir and Aliya’s affair is being discussed with Zoro-Shoro. Now it is to see if Alia and Ranbir are tied in marriage bonds or not.