FIFA World Cup 2018 | FIFA WC: the Exciting confrontation between Sweden and South Korea, score 0-0

Sweden and South Korea team face-to-face in the 12th edition of FIFA World Cup 2018 Exciting competition continue between the two. A game of 36 minutes has happened, but no team has ever scored a goal.

This is Sweden’s 12th World Cup. Swedish coach Janne Anderson has apologized for allegations of spying on South Korea‘s practice session.

A collaborator of the Swedish team was accused of spying for South Korea‘s practice session. The member was closely watching the Korean practice session, which was accused of espionage and the agitation between the two teams increased.

Anderson said that the associate member accused of keeping an eye on the activities of the opposition team felt that the practice sessions in the former World Cup training camp in Austria were open to the people.

Anderson said that when the member was asked to step out, he immediately withdrew. The matter was raised extensively. He said it is very important that we respect the opposition team. If it hurts someone, we apologize.