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Against the hustling hopes, Neymar is back again .. Fifa World Cup has been forced to play for Brazil for a few days due to Neymar’s illness. However, with the participation of the participants in the Practice Match, all the fans, along with the team, is expected to play again. It was like that. In the last World Cup, he went through a series of victories in Brazil.

However, Neymar was out of the entire tournament when he was seriously injured in the league match. His team lost in the semifinal and took home. Brazil is concerned about the news that Neymar is not fit in the first match even before this match. Brazil will play their first match against Switzerland on Sunday. The team coach said that his star player Neema was not fit.

Neymar had surgery in February last year due to a toe bone fracture. He did not play much before World Cup. Only played two warm-up games. He is not 100 percent already. But his best physical features will keep Neymar special. Especially his speed is awesome. Whether it’s available for Sunday’s match. Though he is in the conditions of the match, Koch Tite revealed.

If he was not available for the first match, he expressed hope that he would play the match from the second match. Switzerland is part of Russia as part of this group and then Brazil is to be registered with Costa Rica and Serbia next Sunday.