FIFA Football World Cup | Fans with Mexico, even after being confronted with controversy

Mexico City: The players of the Mexico football team are also with their players, who will play the opening matches in this World Cup even after being accused of the party and drug trafficking with a call girl on call.

The difficulties of the team increased when the Treasury Department of America was accused of joining the “major people” of the International Drug Trafficking Organization on Captain Raphael Marques.

Subsequently, on June 5, according to the news published in the TV Notas magazine, members of the World Cup team of Mexico had a party with 30 prostitutes in the private premises here.

The Mexican Football Federation, however, decided not to take any action against the players. Federation general secretary Guillermo Kantu said, “The players will not be penalized because they have not left the practice. They are free to do anything in free time. “

After this news, players have been junked on social media. Many writers and journalists criticized it. Now when the team is launching its campaign in the World Cup then the fan is standing side by side with the team. Alfonso Avila, a 37-year-old fan of the team, said, “Like every World Cup, I am standing with Mexico this time too. I think when the team starts giving results than those who do evil will also praise the team.