WWE, Money in the Bank, the big match result leaked?

Last year, Carmella won a briefcase at Money in the Bank and defeated Charlotte this year to make the title her name. Now Money in the Bank in 2018, Carmela is going to defy SmackDown’s Women’s Championship against Asuka.

According to Kejaside seats, James Ellsworth can interfere in this match. Thanks to the defeat of Asuka and Carmella’s going to win.

James Ellsworth’s match was against Bron Storman long before he became the subject of discussion in WWE. At the same time, James Ellsworth’s storyline, Dean Ambrose, and AJ Stiles are quite fun.

After this, Carmela and Ellsworth were shown together in front of the fence. Because of James Ellsworth, Carmela won Money in the Bank last year. However, last year Suddenly James was released by the company.

Asuka is considered to be a favorite of this match, but Carmela’s title is more than a chatter of Ratane. It is expected from now that this match can be reversed. If James Ellsworth’s rumors are right, then he is going to come back from Money in the Bank. However, the repair of Carmela and James Elsworth does not seem right.

Apart from this, there is a great deal of attention on the match of Jindar Mahal and Roman Rena. According to the reports, Jindar Mahal is going to lose in this match and winning the Roman RENSE will win again.

WWE Championships. It is also being said for this match that a big turnaround can be found. It is to be seen now that money comes in the bank according to the results report or some twist can be seen.