FIFA World Cup: When the kick-starts during the match, the police had to come in between

The advent of the 21st FIFA World Cup in Russia has started. Football lovers are cheering their favorite players in the field, on TV, and in different ways in the World Cup. The fencing of events related to this great soccer club which started in 1930 has not been forgotten even today. A large number of fans reach out to support their favorite team. After winning the match the fans also celebrate with the players.

Fans often become so aggressive during the match. To prevent them, police force and the security guard have to intervene many times. The debate over small things among players at times on the field is common practice in the game.

This happened during the match played between Chile and Italy in the year 1962 on June 2, which embarrassed the game. In fact, during this match between the players of both the teams, only kick starts running on the middle ground. Football World Cup this year was won by the Brazilian team. But this World Cup victory is remembered for the controversy that took place between Italy and Chile.

This year the FIFA World Cup was organized in Chile, the country of South America. Chile and Italy had to face the Group B. Sometime after the match began, there was a debate among the players. Before anybody tried to stop the debate, the players had already started raising their hands on each other.

The police had to come in between watching the case rising and two players were sent out of the ground. The match was resumed after the police left, but after a while, the controversy started again between the players. The players from both countries started spitting on each other. In this match, the police had to come three times on the field to intervene. In the end, Chile beat Italy 2-0 and made the match their name.