FIFA World Cup: France’s tough challenge to Australia

Performing best in qualifying, France will stage its campaign against Australia in the FIFA World Cup in 2018 as the strongest contender of the match and its focus will be to get the full points in this Group C match, The stage will be on preparation.

France lost to Portugal in the Euro 2016 finals and then the ability to play in their big matches was questioned, but the team of 1998 champion team captain Daddy Deschamps, coached the team, was better in qualifying Performed an affirmative response to its critics.

After this, France has retained its good form. He faced only one defeat in his last six matches, and in the meantime, he scored 13 goals.

France takes full advantage of occasions and this is why he has scored 17 goals in his last eight matches. Antoine Guzman and Kylin Murphy are in great form. They hope to meet Thumar Lamar’s full support. In the middle line, Paul Pogba and Angolo Kantay will take charge, while the main responsibility in the defense is on Rafael Varane.