FIFA World Cup 2018: Portugal’s hat-trick with Ronaldo stops Spain 3-3

In the highest voltage match of the day, the match between Portugal and Spain was drawn 3-3. While Real Madrid’s Real Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat-trick, Spain scored by Diego Cost and two more nachos scored one goal. In the case of the goal in the first half of the match, while Portugal was dominated, Spain in the second half made a strong comeback showing a brilliant game.

Earlier, Portugal had a great start. His Cristiano Ronaldo made his team 1-0 ahead by reducing the penalty found in the third minute. This goal for Spain was like a shock. Ronaldo was successful in scoring goals for Spain’s goalkeeper. Ronaldo became the fourth player after Uwe Sealer, Pele and Miroslav Klose in the fourth World Cup goal.

Spain’s Zero Baskets became the first player to get a yellow card in this match. However, Portugal’s happiness did not last long and Diego Costa scored the same goal in the 24th minute to give Spain a 1-1 draw. After filtering the two defenders, their shot reached the goal post from the left end, chipping the goalkeeper from long distance.

Although the same happened to the audience sitting in the stadium waiting for the same. Ronaldo scored another goal and Portugal managed to take a 2-1 lead. At the other half, Portugal landed on the field with an attempt to keep the edge. However, if you talk about the ball except for the goal, in reality, Spain’s dominance in most of the first half was in reality. In the 55th minute, Costa scored another magnificent goal.

After this, in the 58th minute of the match, Nacho scored a goal for Spain and made it 3-2 ahead. Nacho got the ball at the top of DK and the curry kick that he made went to the other part in the goalpost. This was the first goal for Nacho’s country.

Although Portugal got a free kick in the last minute of the match. Ronaldo scored a magnificent goal and saved his team from defeat when the game of four minutes left the match. It was his hat-trick and missed match 3-3.

Uruguay beat Egypt 1-0 in an exciting match

With the help of José Jimenez’s goal in the 90th minute, Uruguay defeated Egypt 1-0 in the FIFA World Cup. The Egyptian team came without Mohammad Salah in this match. Uruguay introduced the best defense throughout the match. However, lack of experience in midfield was clearly visible.

Moving towards the draw, Uruguay put pressure on the opposition in the second half of the match. The advantage of the team was found in the form of Jimenez’s goal. Earlier in the eighth minute, Kawani got the best opportunity, but Egyptian goalkeeper Mohammed L. Shenwai saved it in a great way. There was also a chance in the 23rd minute of the match, but the team failed to convert it into goals.

In the 49th minute of the second half, Egyptian player Tarek Hamed suffered a foot injury and Sam Morsi was dropped on the ground. Suarez, who missed many rounds in the first half, reached the opponent’s goal post in the 73rd minute but Shenowi once again disappointed him.

Egyptian players got the best chance in the 80th minute but Muslera’s shot left the top of the goal post. In this match that looks dull, finally, the defending goal Uruguay’s player said. In the 90th minute of the match, Sanchez passed a free kick, which Jiménez hit with a head to the opposition’s goal post. The injury did not score any of the two teams, and Uruguay won the 2018 World Cup with a win.

About half an hour after the start of the match, when Salah was seen talking to the crew on the bench on the stadium, the roar of applause started to resonate the whole field. Egyptian coach Hector Cooper, however, said on Thursday that Salah has recovered from injury and will play the match, but this has not happened. Now the team must have been praying to get on the Sallah ground in the match against Russia or in a match of the die.

Iran defeats Morocco by Boehados’ suicide goal

In the last minute of the match, Morocco’s Aziz Bohadoz’s suicide goal helped Iran win 1-0 in the first match. The second match of the day was continuously heading towards a goalless draw, when Boehados made a mistake in the injury time, which got heavier on Morocco.

Bodos ran round to save the shot from the Iranian striker but his header went inside his goal. Earlier, Morocco’s performance in Half was excellent and Iran did not get any chance. Twenty years later, the World Cup, Morocco’s team was unbeatable in the qualifiers like Iran.