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Australia will want to win any one-day series against England in the second one-dayer. Sports Desk A year ago, England had lost the semi-finals to Pakistan on Cardiff’s hands by Pakistan, England’s team would not want to miss those memories at all.

After England’s defeat in the hands of Scotland last week, the time was very difficult for England but the 2-wicket win against Australia has again brought the team back on track.

However, Australia is not themselves in very good form at this time. With the absence of team-mate David Warner and Steve Smith, the batting looks very weak. Apart from this, the challenge to tackle England‘s spinners will also be in the camp of Australia. The average of England’s spinners against Australia is the best.

The England captain has clearly said that he will attack the weak side of the Australian side of Cardiff’s field that the ball is a bit low and comes off. He said that like the semi-final of the Champions Trophy this is also the time for our spinners.

Australia’s condition has been going on for quite some time. Against England, he faced defeat in six of the last seven matches, and he has won only two matches from last 13 matches since last year. It is expected that these pitches of Cardiff will help the spinners.