WWE: 5 Shocking things that we can see in Money In The Bank

We can get many surprising returns on Money in the Bank. WWE‘s PPV Money in the Bank is now only 3 days left to start. In such a situation, it is time to look at all the aspects of this PPV. On the show, the WWE has booked several major matches, which is enough to hit the PPV. On PPV we will find different ladder matches for Men and Women’s Wrestlers.

WWE does not want to leave anybody unturned to make this PPV a success, but for that, it needs to include things like a surprise return to this PPV, surprise contest. In this episode, we are going to talk about five shocking things that we can get to see on money in the Bank PPV.

After release from WWE, James Ellsworth has done a great deal of performance on the Independent Circuit. Apart from this, James is also credited with introducing the Inter-Gender Championship. In the Women’s Money in the Bank match last year, James Elsworth helped Carlena win.

In this way, we expected that again James Ellsworth would look into Women’s Money in the Bank and help any female superstar win a briefcase.

Big Cass beat Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan, who returns to WrestleMania 34, will be seen in a singles match with Big Cass on Money in the Bank PPV. After WrestleMania 34, Big Cass attacked Daniel Bryan on the episode of SmackDown Live.

The match to be held in Money in the Bank should be booked like a final match, and the shocking thing will be here only when Big Cass, Daniel Brian defeated.

Ronda Rousey vs. Naya Jacks at Main Event

There are three such matches in money in the bank PPV that are fit for the main event of this PPV, among them are Money in the Bank, Women’s Money in the Bank and AJ Stiles versus Shinske Namkamura.

However, considering the Segment of Naia Jacques and Ronda Rousey this week it would not be wrong to say that WWE Money In The Bank will be included in the Main Event, against the Ronda and Naya being held for WWE Championships.
After the win, cash a briefcase on Natalia Ronda Rousey

The rumor of being in the main event against Naa Jacks vs. Ronda Rauzi is going on fast; in this case, the probability is high enough that interfere in winning the Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match, interrupting the WWE Championship, BBriefcaseCash Can do it.

We think that Natalia must win the Money in the Bank ladder match and interfere with the WWE Championship match and become a new champion by crafting a briefcase.

New Stage against AJ Stiles vs Shinske Nakamura

Money in the Bank PPV will compete for the WWE Championship between AJ Stiles and Shinseck Nakamura. While Shinsky Nakamura will try to win the championship, then AJ Stiles will try to retain the title once again.

The condition of this match between AJ Stiles and Shinseck Nakamura is the staging of the Last Man, but we think the conditions of their match can be changed here. If that happens then it will be great.