FIFA World Cup, Egypt will be defeated by Uruguay.

FIFA World Cup: Uruguay’s challenge before Egypt, but it is not decided to play advice. In the second match of the FIFA World Cup, Egypt will be defeated by Uruguay.

Ekaterinburg: The tournament will be the second match of the tournament between Friday’s FIFA World Cup fast pitch. The former twice winner of the match Uruguay will be from Egypt. Both teams will face face-to-face in Ekaterina Stadium in the second match of Group A. According to the old records, Uruguay’s position seems heavy. Both the teams will be keen to start the World Cup with the win, but who will bet on this battle will know only on the day of the match.

Egypt has qualified for the World Cup after almost 28 years. When Egypt had made the place in this tournament, there was an atmosphere of happiness throughout the country, but before the World Cup, Egypt was a big setback. His star player Mohammad Sallah was injured in the shoulder while playing with Liverpool in the UEFA Championship final. The situation is not clear right now whether he will play in the first match or not. A few days ago the news was that the advice would not be available on the field in the first match, but it would be available in both the remaining matches. The news is yet to be officially stamped on this news.

 Egypt has a big challenge in terms of two-time world champion Uruguay. Uruguay did a fantastic performance in the last two World Cups. In 2010 World Cup, this South American country had achieved fourth place. In Brazil in 2014, though the team was eliminated from the final-16. Uruguay’s team is more experienced in this World Cup than that World Cup, although the team’s opponent is once again on the star striker Luis Suarez. Edison Kawani will share the responsibility with Suarez.

The Egyptian team is familiar with everything, but its efforts will be to achieve good results. In absence of advice, Coach Hector Copper has two good options in the form of Mahmud Tregguit and Ramadan Sobhi. Egypt’s coaches are known for their defensive style, and in this match, Egypt can descend with this strategy.

Uruguay has a chance to change its history. He has not been able to win the World Cup ever since the 1970s. This time, in front of him, it may be a weak opposition, that Uruguay limits this history to the same.