WWE, John Cena has become a big superstar of Hollywood movies

Biggest Daily News in WWE: June 14, 2018. John Cena has become a big superstar of Hollywood movies. Each year, almost any of his films are still coming in. 16 times before WWE Champion will now be seen sharing the screen with great actor Jackie Chan in an action thriller movie. According to the Hollywood Reporter, WWE Legend John Cena will be seen in a new action film with Hollywood veteran Jackie Chan. This film will be director of Need For Speer, Scott Waugh.

The sixth month of 2018 is going on but Dean Ambrose has not fought a single match this year. The lunatic fringe is going out for a long time due to injury. Now reports are coming out that Dean Ambrose’s return to the WWE is going to be quite explosive.

Former great Eric Bischoff is a big name in the wrestling business. After the WCW, Eric was brought in on Monday Night Raw and made part of the WWE, but after some time he left the company. Recently, Eric interviewed Chris Van Willet in which he talked about the character of Roman Rena.

According to Eric, the ranes should be made villain so that they look better. WWE Superstar Samoa who recently knocked on WMC Action News 5, where he talked about a number of issues. While in the News Room, Samoa, who put a kinking clutch to a producer. Samoa, who has praised his skills, in which he thanked his training. Samoa, who has learned a lot from the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and the Legendary MMA Wrestler “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy”.

Roman Ranes is one of the biggest superstars of the current time in WWE. The Big Dog is the future of WWE in the eyes of Vince He has made a lot of memorable moments for his fiance in his six-year career. Fans will remember a lot of victories, defeats and startling moments of the former World Heavyweight Champion, but we are going to tell you an incident which you probably will not remember. You will begin to laugh after reading about this incident.

When Jason Jordan was injured, he was about to get a push in the company. He had to miss WrestleMania due to injury, and now the WWE Universe is waiting for his return. According to CageSideSeats, Jason Jordan will return to Raw after Money in the Bank and his Fide will not be from anybody else but the Raw Constable, Baron Corbin.

In a version of Wrestling Observer Live, WrestleMania 34 talked about the rematch between The Undertaker and John Cena. There are reports that The Undertaker and John Cena can face face-to-face in this year’s SummerSlam PPV. Apart from this, more information related to this is coming out.

Sankara was going to fight against Andrade Almas in SmackDown Live this week, but now WWE is reporting that she has been injured in the shoulder and she will not do wrestling for some time.