FIFA World Cup 2018, In World Cup football, such a prestigious ‘golden boot’

There is still a few hours left for the 21st edition of the World Cup football debut, and the best 32 teams from 208 countries associated with FIFA are struggling to do their best. 736 players from these 32 teams are going to dive into this football Aquarius run for a month. It is difficult to say this passion to win the world by stopping.

In the World Cup football, where every team from 32 teams wishes to be a champion, on the other hand, each player’s goal is to get respect for the prestigious ‘golden boot’. This ‘golden boot’ is destined for the player who scored the most goals in the entire tournament.


The first time in 2002, the World Cup knocked in Asia. In the World Cup held in South Korea and Japan, Brazilian superstar footballer Ronaldo had won the ‘Golden Boot’ honor in this World Cup. In this World Cup, Ronaldo was the top scorer with 8 goals. Ronaldo also broke an interesting sequence in this tournament. Consecutive 6 world cups before

Events (from 1978 to 1998) it was happening that the number of goals scored by the player who won the Golden Boot was 6, but Ronaldo crossed this number with eight goals.

The ‘Golden Boot’ started in 1930 with the opening of the World Cup. In 1982, it was named Adidas Golden Boot, with the addition of the sports goods manufacturer Adidas Company, along with this award.

This happened three times in the history of the World Cup tournament when the number of players who scored the highest goals was more than one, they were jointly awarded this award.

In 2006, this caravan of passion for winning the world through football reached Germany. In front of its horror audience, even if Germany failed to make the world champion safe, every German considered themselves proud when the country’s star footballer Miroslav Klos was awarded the ‘Golden Boot’.

In the 2006 World Cup, the German striker Miroslav left the race for the players who got ‘Golden Boot’. Miroslav has scored five goals in seven matches played in the 2006 World Cup. Argentina‘s Hanise Crespi, Fernando Torres, Henri, Maxi Rodriguez, Lukas Podolsky, Ronaldo of Brazil, David Villa of Spain and French’s Zinedine Zidan were successful in making 3-3 goals in the competition.

Miroslav had won the Golden Boot in 2006 on the basis of his 5 goals but it was the second highest low-scoring ‘golden boot’ in the history of the World Cup. The record of becoming a top scorer by making four or four goals in 1934 and 1962 is recorded in the books of football history.

This was the first time in 44 years when the golden boot was decided with the help of five goals. Miroslav scored 2-2 against Costa Rica and Ecuador and scored a goal against Argentina in the quarter-finals. The record of the highest number of goals scored in the World Cup football history is recorded in France’s Just Fontaine. Fontaine did this feat in the 1958 World Cup in Sweden.

After this, any footballer from any country could not even reach the record, even in the number of tens of tenths. Despite the lowest scoring in the history of the World Cup, the record for the top scorer was made during the World Cup played in Italy in 1934 and Chile in 1962.

The World Cup of 1934 was made by Vladislav Nejel of Czechoslovakia and Edmund Konenen of Germany scored 4-4 goals and found a prestigious golden boot on the basis of these. In 1962, Florian Albert of Hungary and Valentina Ivanov of Russia were successful in getting a golden boot through a 4-4 goal. The World Cup was hosted by Chile.

The 2014 World Cup was hosted by Brazil and in this champion, Germany’s James Rodrigues was successful in achieving ‘Golden Boot’ by 6 goals. The 21st edition of the World Cup football is going to start in Russia on Thursday and this time also everyone will look at the ‘Golden Boot’ along with the FIFA trophy. Who will receive this honor, this is hidden in the future womb.