A complete list of wrestlers who remained Champion for more days than Brock Lesnar

Before you complain that Brock Lesnar is the longest title holder superstar in WWE Universal Champion, you need to know the history of wrestling. Recently, Brock Lesnar broke the record of CM Punk’s title hold for 434 days in the WWE.

But we would like to tell you that there are many such superstars here, who have kept title even more than Lesnar. In this episode, we are going to talk about 10 Superstars of Rasselling History who have kept the titles for the longest time.

Fabulous radiance: Women’s champion for more than 10,000 days

Fabulous Mulla started his historic rule in 1956 as a champion, when he won the 13th Vomiting Battle Royal. WWE does not know when he dropped the title. Apart from this, WWE also does not accept that the title of the title was changed from the NWA to the WWF in 1983. Despite all this, he was a champion for almost 27 years, which is not that easy.

Bruno Sammartino remained a champion for almost 7 years. Bruno was one of the world’s most spectacular wrestlers, who were entitled to keep the title for so long. WWWF was divided by NWA and wanted to keep its prestigious world title in 1963.

He was selected by Nature Boy Buddy Rogers but due to problems related to heart, he could not perform for a longer time, in such a way he lost title against Bruno Sammartino.

Varna Gaga: Champion for 2,600 days

WWE Hall of Famer Verne Gagne Rassling is the longest-running title hold list in history. Vern Gagnan held the NWA championship from 1968 to 1975. However, Gagan refused to leave the title for quite a long time as a champion and on many occasions.

Lu Thes: Champion for 2300 days

In those days, Lou Thes was considered an innovator. Certainly, he is credited with making the Chokeslam after the Lou Thes Press and Hang Chan Chowk. Lu Thes was considered the most skilled and athletic wrestlers of his time. He was champion until 2300.

Bob Becklan: Champion for 2100 days

Bob Beklan started his career in 1973 and in 1984 also retired for some time. After this, he returned to WWE in 1992 and once again named World Title. He spent time in TNA when the name of TNA used to be GFW. Backlion’s title remained almost 5 years old and was quite impressive.

Frank Goch: Champion for 1800 days

Although the title of Frank Goch’s title may not be much like the rosters included in this list, his title was quite impressive. The biggest reason for this was his performance, which was seen in the Marden Era. Frank Gough remained champion for 1800 days.

Hulk Hogan – Champion for 1400 days

In the world of wrestling, Hulk Hogan’s name is quite known. Hulk Hogan was the second name of the wrestling in 1980. When Hulk Hogan defeated Iron Sheik in front of the crowd for the WWF Championship, he brought a new revolution.

Hogan defended his title against legendary wrestlers such as André the Giant, King Cog Bundy. Hulk Hogan kept the championship for 1400 days.

Harley Race: Champion for 900 days

Harley Race was one of the most difficult and most scary pro resellers of his time. We are saying this because he was famous for a fight on backstage and his Attitude.

In addition, he was one of the most celebrated performers of any era. Like John Cena, Harley Race was also a wrestler who could beat anyone for the title and make him a star.

Ric Flair- Champion for 800 days

Ric Flair has made a different name in the world of racism. Ric Flair held the title not only for 800 days but after holding the title of Dusty Rhodes for two weeks and holding the title for 400 days.

Ric Flair successfully defended his title against the world’s best wrestlers. For the coming centuries, Ric Flair’s name will be named as the most spectacular racers. Ric Flair is also one of the Fans’ most favorite superstars.

Rob van Dam: Champion for 700 days

Rob Van Dam held the title for two years at the ECW. Whenever he entered the ring, a five star would give a performance. Apart from this, there was also Tag Team Champion with his partner Sabu, due to which he had to work hard.

There is no doubt that he was a superb talent who kept the title occupied for 700 days. So these were the 10 superstars in the wrestling history who held the title for the longest time.