FIFA World Cup Russia, World Cup: America is playing … Americans are running away

FIFA World Cup Russia has prepared for this World Cup. Wherever you see in the streets of Russia is football. The 32 teams currently participating in the World Cup have already reached Russia. Soccer fans from all over the world are approaching Russia.

The American football team has not qualified for the World Cup, which is being held in Russia. This led to doubts about whether Americans would go to the World Cup hosted by the host country in the face of hostility with Russia. But the latest report is that Americans have a bigger presence among fans going to see the World Cup.

According to the report, 66 percent of passengers traveling from America to Russia now travel to the FIFA World Cup. Most of the world’s visitors to the World Cup view of Russia from a country around the world are from America.

From July 15 to June 15, the World Cup begins, with 1,36,503 people going to Russia. Worldwide, the number of passengers in the country has increased by 34 percent. The number of passengers traveling from Germany also increased significantly in Germany.

According to the report, the number of visitors to Russia from Russia has declined by 16 percent to the Italian World Cup. Now, the FIFA World Cup has already established security. Russia, who hosts the FIFA World Cup after a year, is eager to make this World Cup a great success.

The World Cup has been tailored to terrorism, with the threat of gangsterism. We are also insisting on the background of the participants of the World Cup. Russia has ordered to register their names at one of the 12 host cities in 12 countries where fans of different countries to watch World Cup matches.