Cristiano Ronaldo is angry with Real Madrid’s offer, can leave soon Club

Madrid. There are reports of cracks in the relations between Portugal captain and Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. The differences between the two have been at this level that Ronaldo is now considering leaving the club. This information was given by the News Agency on behalf of the Spanish media. Let Christiano Ronaldo play for the club for nearly 9 years, but now his club has become confused with new contracts.

What is the matter?

According to Spanish newspaper ‘Marka’, the relationship between Ronaldo and Real Madrid is now on the verge of breaking. The reason for this is now revealed.

According to the information, the star striker and captain of the Portuguese are unhappy with the revised contract offered by the club to Ronaldo, who played for 9 years Real Madrid.

The newspaper’s claim has been confirmed by Russian news agency and newspaper Sputnik too.

How much money to Ronaldo?

It is said that Cristiano Ronaldo has offered about 29.5 million dollars to Real Madrid. These offers are for one year.

It is being said that Ronaldo has made Real Madrid clear that he wants $ 35.4 million and without it, the club is very hard to play.

Comparison with Neymar and Messi

The newspaper has also written that Ronaldo has made clear to Real Madrid that he is a player similar to Neymar and Lionel Messi. Ronaldo has been playing for Real Madrid since 2009. They got only $ 24.7 million for 2018.

Now the news is that the Paris St Germain Club is ready to give up this striker up to $ 53 million. Right now, Ronaldo is training with the Portugal team. Portugal has to play with their first match in Spain and then Morocco.