2026 FIFA World Cup: America, Canada, and Mexico, who have won the rights

The United States, Canada, and Mexico will jointly host the Fifa World Cup in 2026. Fifa has made an official announcement on Wednesday. The three countries have been pivotal in the bidding process for the 2026 World Cup.

However, the controversy surrounded this bidding process. The news came about when US President Donald Trump was coming to the corner of the country in exchange for Morocco. In the event of bidding, the United States, Canada, and Mexico received 134 votes, while Morocco was just 65 votes.

The three countries succeeded in the bidding process and won the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualification. In the voting process, some African-backed countries supported the US. Spain did not participate in the voting process.

FIFA stated in its report that if Moroccan Fifa hosted the rights to the bidder, it was ‘high risk’. Especially for the FIFA World Cup, the availability of accommodation and stadiums has been reluctant for Morocco.

Last time, the USA hosted the FIFA World Cup tournament in 1994. Mexico also hosted twice in 1986, 1970. In the FIFA World Cup in 2026, all 80 matches are going to be played … 60 US matches will be hosted by Mexico and Canada.

The 2018 World Cup is currently held in Russia and Qatar has won 2022 World Cup hosts. Qatar is now preparing arrangements for the 2022 World Cup.