French Open; Rafael Nadal got the honor of becoming the champion for the 11th time

Paris: Rafael Nadal captured the 11th Open Open Trophy. The Spanish star scored the Austrian Rival Dominic Theme from 6-4, 6-3 and 6-2 in the final. In the closing moments of the match, Nadal was also in danger of engineering, 32-year-old World Numbers have now won 17 Grand Slam titles in the career, Swiss Master’s Rapporteur is ahead with 20 grand slim honors.

Nadal had to take medical aid for finger in the fourth set of the final set, but he won the fifth match point on the theme’s backhand long shot, Rafael Nadal won the 11th time parade trophy by defending the former Australian female player Margaret Court. The timing record was also given, Margaret had set up an Australian Open rule since 1960 to 1973, Nadal had recently defeated Argentina’s Juan Martin Dall Putro of 6-4,6-1 and 6-2 in the semifinal final.

The Spanish star said that for me, offering excellent games on Rolland Grocery is always making the best stimulation, Nadal’s record here is very impressive, he still won 86 matches in the French Open, but only twice the face of failure. Have had

The Spanish star said that I believe that opportunities for your career are limited, I have lost many opportunities due to physical problems and I also think that the time is going on rapidly, Rafael Nadal wrists and The knee engines have not participated in at least 8 Grand Slim Tournaments due to problems, Regardeddin’s record is definitely in his view.

On the other hand, the first Austin player to reach the final of the French Open in 23 years after the theme, before his comedy Thomas Münster won the title in 1995, he was considered to be a tough opponent for Nadal, who has been considering Madrid Open this year. In the quarter-final, the Spanish star had broken, the theme got the victory in the next 10 matches, while 7 times Nadal won the winner from the field.