English Premier League clubs dominate in FIFA World Cup

The English Premier League clubs are dominated by the FIFA World Cup-2015, which begins in Russia four days later. 38 players playing for clubs in England will represent their respective national teams in the FIFA World Cup this year.

This is followed by the location of the Spanish league, from which 29 players playing will play for their respective countries. Similarly, 11 players from the Italian League, 12 from the French League and five players from the German league will play World Cups for their respective countries.

The number of players from the Manchester Club Manchester City will be shown in the FIFA World Cup this year to talk about the rankings of the clubs in terms of the number of players who play in the World Cup.

This is followed by the location of the Spanish club Real Madrid, whose 15 players are participating in the World Cup. After this, Spanish club FC Barcelona (14), French club Paris St. Germain (12), Italian club Yuvventus (11), EPL Club Chelsea (9), EPL Club Manchester United (7), EPL Club Tottenham host (6) and German The league champion Bayern Munich (5) comes in the number.

The EPL clubs represent the highest number of 38 players in the World Cup. These players are playing for Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Serbia, Sweden, Colombia, Denmark, South Korea and Nigeria.

Sixteen players playing for Manchester City are playing for eight countries, while 15 players playing for Real are also playing for eight different countries. Similarly, 14 players playing for Barcelona are from different countries. Speaking of Paris Saint Germain, 12 players playing for it are representing six countries. 11 players from Juventus belong to 10 countries.

If the total players of EPL clubs Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur are included, this number is 38. In this way, in the case of representation in the FIFA World Cup, EPL clubs have left Spain or other clubs far behind.