Prabhas who has shocked the director. Romantic LoveStory with Pooja in Europe

Prabhas is playing the lead after Baahubali. The Bahubali Release is coming out of the year and the young Rebel Star is not releasing the movie to disturb the fans. Prabhas seems to have increased the speed of his movies with the fact that another film after Saha is not getting late.

Soho’s shooting was not on the side but on the other side he focused on his next film. A Romantic Love Story was planned with Radhakrishna, who created the film. The film is going to be a European backdrop.

In fact, Prabhas’s film with Radhakrishna is to be shot in June. But Prabhas was busy with the movie Action Part of Dubai in Dubai. Pooja Hegde is going to pair with Young Rebel Star. The film unit is currently busy with pre-production programs.

The main scenes will be shot there as Radha Krishna film as Europe Backdrop. Some scenes have to be shot so that they are designed to be set up to reflect the overseas atmosphere in Hyderabad.

In Abu Dhabi, Soho movie has completed 35 days of shooting. The film unit says that action scenes and car chasing are amazingly portrayed as a new experience for the audience.

Prabhas himself has not been duped in action sequences and the director has succeeded to succeed director Sujit. Prabhas himself has acted in action scenes and the cost for graphics has also been reduced, director Sujit told the media.