WWE 7 superstars, whose face was seriously injured in the ring

In the WWE ring, we have often seen that superstars have serious injuries which threaten their career or almost end up. In WWE, many superstars had to end their career due to injuries. Similar rassling rings have happened to many superstars.

The legendary Brat Heart had difficulty in the foot, after which he could not fight much, while AJ and Steve Austin had to get away from the ring due to a serious injury in the neck, SmackDown‘s General Manager Page also had to stay away from the ring due to injury. Right now Daniel Bryan returned to the ring after his injury but some superstars were also injured, who also got the injury, also won matches, but then their condition looked very serious. It has always been seen in WWE that whose nose gets broken, then the wrestler comes wearing a mask.

The name includes the Undertaker‘s name, a long time ago, during a 6 man tag team match, the face of Taker was hurt, due to which he later came to fight in the ring after detecting dangerous masks on his injury. On the other hand, Kofi Kingston’s jolt broke Rajsev’s nose, due to which Roussev had worn a mask to the Royal Rumble, Cody Rhodes and Bret Wyatt were also victims of such injuries.

At the same time, John Cena had to undergo this serious injury. In fact, at the time Seth was top of Rollins Company and John Cena was the US Champion. There was a match between the two, but a claim by Seth Rollins broke the nostrils of Sina. Rolins had played high during the match, which caused Cena’s nose to become teddy.

Well, this video contains some superstars names that fought after injury, but some injuries were taken at such an event which can not be estimated. Superstars are wounded in WWE because it is used by them, only then superstars always ask for their fancies not to try it at home.