Samona Hulp won the first Grand Slam title of the series after continuously lost the final

World number one Samona Halle won the first Grand Slam title of his career by defeating the United States Silone Stephen in the finals of the French Open Tennis Championship.

In the final to be played in Paris in San Francisco, Samona Halle defeated his rival player three, six and six one.

The seminal for Samona Hall was also important because of which he had suffered defeat in the three major tournaments before.

After the loss in the first set of the finals, Samona Hall was again in the game and defeated the winner of the US Open Sylon Stephen by winning the next two sets.

“I’ve done everything I could do,” the 26-year-old Samona Holap, who won the first Grand Slam tournament, won his career. What happened is amazing and I was waiting for the opportunity since I started playing tennis. ‘

Earlier, he had to face the defeat in the last two finals of the French Open, while he lost the Australian Open final this year.