FIFA World Cup: Rainbows will record in the rain, know who will get

The world cup of the most popular sports football begins in FIFA World Cup next week. In this battle of 32 teams, there will be no shining gold trophy for football and only 18 gold bars, but the record of the winning team is also going to rain. FIFA has added a number of new features this time in its World Cup, including the renaming of prize money with a chipped ball.

In Russia from June 14th to July 15th, 32 teams will compete in soccer’s medal so many names of the prize players will be written. This time, in Fifa World Cup 2018, the total prize money is $ 79 million (more than $ 791 million), which is 40 percent more than the last World Cup in Brazil in 2014.

According to FIFA figures, World Cup football will receive 40 million dollars from the total prize money on the basis of their performance, while the remaining 39 million 10 million dollars will be given to players’ clubs under various schemes.

The team that won the World Cup on July 15 at the Luzerne Stadium in Moscow will get $ 30 million ($ 38 million) dollars, which is $ 3 million more than the last time. The runner-up would be worth $ 2.90 million and the third- Will get two million and four million dollars

Football clubs will also meet for this reason

The money will be given to the Club FIFA Club beneficiary programs for 20 million and nine million dollars who have left their players to participate in the World Cup. Only 13 million 4 million dollars will be given under the club safety program in which during the World Cup The damage done by the player’s injury will be compensated.

All 32 teams participating in the tournament will get $ 15.15 million as preparation fees. At the same time, each team going out of the first phase will be given USD 1.2 million and the teams going out of the last 16 will be given 20 million dollars. The teams losing in the quarter-finals will get Rs 1.6 crore. The fourth-ranked team will be given USD 20 million.

Prize money has increased significantly since last World Cup

In the case of prize money, this World Cup in Russia is going to create a new record. The total prize money in the World Cup in Brazil for the last time was $ 576 million, and in 2010 the tournament was worth 420 million dollars in South Africa.

In the 1982 World Cup in Spain, $ 20 million in World Cup, 26 million dollars in 1986 World Cup in Mexico, 1994 World Cup in Italy, 54 million dollars in 1994, 71 in 1994, France in 1998, 103 in South Korea, Japan joint In the 2002 World Cup host, 156.6 in the World Cup and 266 million dollars in 2006 World Cup in Germany.