WWE | Raw | SmackDown, 3 teams that join the Roman Renaissance career can reach new heights

The Roman Rena is strongly trying to make WWE, the company’s top sing or top babyface. But they have not been successful in this, though now the fences are starting to like them more than before.

Since the year the company has not been able to book Roman properly and it is haunting the problem. Roman’s Mike Work has improved a lot, but he is a wrestler who can provide good matches.

After defeating Undertaker in WrestleMania 33, the Roman should have been converted into a heel, but it did not happen. Roman has always preferred fans as part of the Shield. Let’s talk about some fission which can help the Roman move forward.

The Shield is the most popular company (team) of the company at the moment. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns, who have been involved in this fashion, have made a lot of name since the debut in 2012. Although the group later broke down, the three racers became very successful in the singles run and also became a Grand Slam Champion.

The group once again became one in 2017, but unfortunately, Dean Ambrose got injured. Emerging from injury, Dean Ambrose is going to return to the ring soon. After their return, the three can be seen together. This will greatly benefit the Romans.

Jimmy Heo, Joe and Roman Rena do not come from all three Samoa bloodlines, but they are cousins too. Usoz has won several times Tag Team Championship and is considered as the best tag team for WWE.

The three have seen together many times, but for now to do so, either Roman will have to join SmackDown, otherwise, Jimmy or Jay will have to join the RAW. The heels are very good performances. If the Romans also turn into a heel, then all three will benefit.

Imagine The Author of Pen and Roman Renaissance – What will happen if everything gets converted into a heel for the purpose of destruction? Apart from squashing the jobbers, the Author of Pain has done nothing on the main roster.

By joining the Heal Faction with Roman, his career can change. Renaissance will also benefit greatly from this. After all three come together, there will be no one to answer them.