WWE offered me about Rs 33 crores to come up with the title belt in Raw, Sonnen Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Shell is a well-known name for the world of Sonnen Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Sonnen keeps coming in the headlines about WWE. This time he talked about the most shocking deal offered by WWE. During the show, he told some big things about the Below the Belt with Brendon Schaub.

Talking to Schaub, Sonnen said that WWE had offered him a lot of crores before the fight with Anderson Silva. Sheel Sonnen’s popularity was very high in the world of MMA at the time. The first offer deal submitted to Shell by WWE was that Shell did not arrive at the fight with UFC, without telling it to Silva. The second part of the deal was that they brought the belt in Monday Night Raw after defeating Anderson Silva in the UFC, for which WWE offered to shell $ 5 million to Shell. WWE wanted to bring young racers to the company at that time, through the offer, they had plans to bring them to the main roster.

Know about the truth in the things brought out by Sonnen, know only about that or who had contacted him from WWE. Actually, this is not the first time when Sonnen has made such rhetoric.

In the interview to CBBS Sports during February 2018, Shell had told that the WWE had offered him about 32 million rupees to be part of WrestleMania 32.

40 years old Sonnen had said, “I had rejected the offer given by WWE. WWE had contacted me to fight in the AndrĂ© the Giant Memorial Battle Royal match but I was against this thing. Tried to remove the date, but did not get time even after trying and WWE felt that I had refused them. Then WWE did not contact me again. ”

Shell has fought in Sonan Middleweight, Lightweight and Heavyweight division. They are living in America. Let me tell you that WWE organizes Battle Royale on WrestleMania in the memory of the legendary wrestler Ande the Giant for some years. Shaik O Neil had a surprise entry to the Battle Royal in WrestleMania 32, and the match won by Baron Corbin.