New Zealand’s Chief Coach Hesson resigns, said – I am fed up with endless cricket

Chief coach of New Zealand cricket team Mike Hesson has resigned from his post. Hesson has said that he will be separated from the team at the end of July. Hesson has decided to be separated after giving his services to the Kiwi team for six years. In a press conference held in Auckland on Thursday, Hesson confirmed his resignation.

Cricket New Zealand said in his statement that Hesson did not talk about joining any other team after leaving the post. He is fed up with endless international cricket and now wants to spend time with his children and wife. Hesson’s contract was up to the 2019 World Cup. Cricket New Zealand Chief Executive David Wight has said that he persuaded Hesson to stay with the team in England and Wales until the World Cup next year, but he did not believe.

In such a situation, the Kiwi Cricket Board decided to honor his decision. Hesson said in his statement, “I need 100 percent surrender in this work, and honestly, in view of the circumstances under which I am passing today, I am not in a position to do justice with this important work. I got endless support and cooperation from the board and I am grateful for this. I was given all kind of freedom to work. ‘

After Hesson’s departure, Cricket New Zealand will get enough time to appoint a new coach. She has to make her international tour in October now. In October, he has to play against Pakistan in the United Arab Emirates.