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The 21st FIFA World Cup football matches are held in Russia. Starting from June 14 and July 15, 32 countries will participate in the World Cup. All teams are getting ready to win the trophy. The 20 World Cup, including the current champion Germany in the 2014 World Cup, qualifies for the World Cup. 31 teams have entered the World Cup, winning in the qualifying round of the tournament. Russia is directly qualified to run the competition.

Germany or Brazil are considered to win the World Cup. At the same time, teams such as Argentina, Spain, and Belgium are likely to have a chance. In the World Cup, the participants of the World Cup are very weak, Country: Costa Rica is ranked in Brazil, Serbia, and Switzerland.

League Round Matches: June 17 in Serbia on June 22 in Serbia on February 27 in Switzerland FIFA Rank: 25 Last World Cup: Best of the World Cup in 2014: Clash of the Keys in 2014: Keyor Nawaz, Brian Ruiz, Joel Campbell Coach: Oscar Ramirez in America’s Canvas Qualifying Round Fight with the breaker and hold second Costa Rica qualified to play in the World Cup tat.

Costa Rica, who plays for the fifth time in the World Cup, can not simply be dismissed. In the last World Cup, Costa Rica was in the same section with former world champions Italy, Uruguay and England. Italy and Uruguay beat up to the end of the quarter.

It lost to the Netherlands. 11 people in the World Cup are present in the current team. So, in 2018, there is an expectation that Brazil will make a magnet in 2018 in Costa Rica. At the same time, many of these 11 people approached the age of 30, some who crossed over.

In recent times, many players are not in the parish. Joel Campbell and Bryan Ruiz did not play due to injury. If you play in the last World Cup, Costa Rica will be ranked 2nd in this section. At the same time, you have to deal with the youth of Switzerland and youth.