WWE, SmackDown, CM punk, Big news throughout June 6, 2018

This week, SmackDown‘s episodes are great. A lot of matches this time Fans got to see in Blue Brand. Handicap match, best friends match and 6 man tag team match At the same time, there was a mixed match between husband and wife Jimmy Uso and Noomi. Daniel Brian and Jeff Hardy were not seen in this episode but in the dark match, these two superstars got to watch the match.

On 9th June (10th June in India), many wrestling fans and UFC fans will be looking at this date. On June 9, there will be a fight of the man, who has established a great name in Pro Rasling, but his debut in the UFC is very embarrassing and disappointing. The result of this fight will be clear whether the CM punk is actually made to fight in the UFC.

Even if WrestleMania 34 ended, it may have happened a little while, but the next year’s talk of WrestleMania has started. The subject of discussion among fans is that which superstar will headline next year’s WrestleMania, which title will be defended in the main event, will it be a singles match or tag team match? Questioning the question of rasling fans in this way.

According to Batting Odds in front of Sky Bet, Daniel Brian can headline next year’s WrestleMania. Since the end of WrestleMania 34, there was continual news that WrestleMania 35 could get the main event of the event in Wrestles 35 and the name of Ronda Ra├║zi and Charlotte Flair was coming out for the match.
John Cena plays the role of a military person in Bumblebee, released before Christmas 2018. However, information about his role has not been revealed in the bigger details. 16 times before WWE Champion Cena has also played the role of the military person in the film ‘The Wall’. Cena’s film trailer is doing tremendous trends on YouTube in India and she is currently ranked 10th in the rankings.

The defamation case between former WWE Champion CM Punk and WWE’s doctor Christopher EMAN is over. CM Punk won the defamation case filed by Aman in the court. The court decided that there was no harm to Aman due to the podcast of Colt Cuban.

WWE’s doctor Chris EMan filed a case in court seeking a compensation of around $ 4 million. Eman’s lawyers failed in the court to prove that because of the podcast of Colt Cabana, Doctor Aman suffered financial loss. Because of this, the court ruled in favor of CM Punk. The case of defamation on CM Punk and Coult Cuban was not done by the WWE but by Dr. Emman.

The episodes of the RAW episode on Memorial Day have some advantages. Although this profit is not big enough, there is a difference in the viewership. On June 4, the episode of Raw received an average of 2.526 million viewers, its number was 2.495 million in the previous week. It can be said that the return of the Roman Rena has benefited the Red brand a little bit.

This week, the episode of SmackDown was full of action. There are also many ups and downs for Money in the Bank. Apart from this, Shinse Nakamura and AJ Stiles have contract sign on Money in the Bank. There was a handicap match in the Women’s Division and two close friends also got involved in the war.