Football World Cup: When the Korean team was defeated, fans fired Toffee

Sol. The football game is as popular as it is in the world, the story of football fans is equally discussed. More recently, news about Liverpool and Real Madrid‘s passion for viewing matches was given by paying more fare for Champions’s final match. But the story we are telling you is from the previous Football World Cup. This news belongs to the South Korean football team.

Actually, South Korea‘s performance in 2014 was so bad in the football World Cup in Brazil that angry fans turned out to be a protest by throwing a toffee on the players. Perhaps for a team that reached the semi-finals in World Cup 2002, there could not have been much insult than this. This time the team would like to refrain from such a situation by improving performance.

South Korea was eliminated in the first round

Known as the Teguk Warriors, this team had already been out in the round with a score in three World Cup matches. The team is in the tough group this time but they would like to repeat the performance of 2002. The group has defending champions Germany, Mexico and Sweden teams. South Korea’s coach Shin Tai-Yong said, “I think we have to defeat Sweden to make it to the final 16th place.”

Tai-Yong said about the match to be held on June 18 at the Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, We have waited a lot for this World Cup. “Coach Tai-Yong says that every team has special tactics for the World Cup. We also have different strategies for World Cup matches.

This time the players are serious to match

Like the previous World Cup, the 2018 tournament also did not have to face the bad defeat of South Korea, for this, the team coach has given clear directions to all the players. Coach says that this time the mistakes of the previous World Cup will not repeat his players. All the players are ready for the matches of the World Cup in mental and physical form. This is the reason why the coach strongly condemned the loss of the South Korean team 3-1 in a friendly match against Bosnia Herzegovina last year.

The coach, angry with the performance of the team’s players, said, “In view of the World Cup, this performance was not according to expectations from nowhere. We have crossed the point where apologizing after performing poorly and talk about better performance in the next match. Players will have to be more vigilant.