Football World Cup: Messi must-win World Cup to prove himself great

Despite struggling with dwarfism in childhood, Lionel Messi, who touched the new peaks of achievements on the football field, made new appearances for the club in the golden career of one and a half decade, but the Argentineans did not win the World Cup for them. is.

In Russia, they will probably have the last chance to wash this stigma. Record five times, FIFA‘s best footballer, a record five times European Golden Shu, nine La Liga titles with Barcelona, ​​four UEFA Champions League and six COPA dell ray titles, this charismatic playmaker has scored a total of 600 goals for the country and club.

Born in a poor family, Messi football’s emperor

He would certainly want to be with the FIFA World Cup for his journey filled with achievements. Fans spread across Messi’s world are also praying for their beloved player. This monster, celebrating his birthday this month, was born in a poor family in 1987 in Rosario, Argentina.

His father used to work in the factory and the mother was cleaner, but Messi had given up his talent in football only in childhood. At that time nobody was aware that the child of a poor family would later become the king of the sport and the most liked sports in the world. But Messi did it.

The victims of dwarfism, Barcelona expressed confidence

In childhood, Messi was a victim of dwarfism and the condition was so serious that he needed medical attention. The treatment was expensive, then their local club pulled out, but Barcelona came forward to help. In September 2000, when the 13-year-old Messi came to give a trial with his father, then all the players flew the joke of his stature. After watching the ten-minute game during the trial, Barcelona decided to enter into an agreement with Messi.

Since then Messi is with this club. Occasionally speculation arose with his other clubs, but Messi did not give up on Barcelona’s favor. History has witnessed that Messi played the golden club of success while playing for the same club.

Comparison of Messi with Maradona

Messi was treated and managed by the money received from the contract. Messi, Andreas Iniesta, Javi, Samuel Ito, and Thier Henry gave Barcelona unprecedented successes. With the successes of the club, Messi’s popularity has increased in the world, and people consider him to be equivalent to Maradona or something better than him. Maradona had the World Cup even though the last time Argentina had won on Maradona in 1986.

Messi did not perform poorly in the 2006, 2010 and 2014 World Cups, but his standards of high standards were so high that the comparison was compromised. In 2006, 18-year-old Messi remained on the bench most, while four years later he could not score any goals. Both times Germany defeated Argentina in the quarter-finals.

So far, the World Cup has not

The most painful defeat came in Brazil four years ago when Messi’s dream was broken by Germany after coming out of a win away from the title. This time they have the opportunity to respond to every critic who says that Messi is only Barcelona’s superstar, not Argentine. Footballers know very well how in the Messi qualifiers alone on one side, Argentina has been given a place in the World Cup by performing brilliantly.

In the qualification round, he stayed out of eight matches, in which Argentina got seven points and in which ten matches he played, the team scored 21 points. If Argentina does not win the World Cup, it will not be able to finger over Messi’s ability, but if after 1978 and 1986 the team is able to win this title of football, then a champion will get the fare which he deserves.