Facebook shared the information with the Chinese mobile companies, including Oppo, OPPO!

Since Cambridge Analyst Data Breach, Facebook has been accused of several times that it is sharing the data of users with other tech companies. In the latest case, the company has uncovered that it has shared data from users with many major Chinese mobile companies in China.

Facebook shares data with many companies in China

New York (IANS). Nowadays, the whole world, including America, has become rife with the fact that whether Facebook is sharing data from its users with tech companies of the country or abroad. Meanwhile, Facebook has admitted that it is sharing the data of users with 4 big tech and smartphone companies in China, among the popularity of data on users’ data. The names of these companies are Huawei, Lenovo, Oppo, and TCL.

Financial Times reported that Facebook’s Vice President of Mobile Partnership Division Francisco Varela has said that all the tech companies around the world work closely with Chinese giant Huawei. In his statement, Varela has said that Facebook has approved the integration of Facebook’s built-in controls in mobile devices created by Huawei, Lenovo, OPPO, and TCL. So that customers can get the best experience of Facebook.

After the news of personal data access to 60 devices in the world, Facebook disclosed

Facebook’s executives have said in their statement clearly that we want to tell the US Congress clearly that any data shared in our integration with China’s tech companies have not been stored on the server of the hack, but rather That data was only on the devices that they made. Facebook’s official said that we are telling this after the New York Times claim that the Facebook company, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung, and BlackBerry, along with the world’s 60 device manufacturers, share data with users. Has been there. Let’s say that there are many US security agencies, including the FBI, CIA, NSA, about the data integration of Facebook users in Huval’s devices and they are fully aware of the whole truth.

The condition is that FBI Director Chris Ray has given a statement in February that he is very worried about any security threat due to devices of HUWA and ZTE. Only then did the US Army completely ban the devices and ZTE devices.

Facebook has said that in order to run Facebook better on any device and any operating system around the world, the company had launched this API based device integration almost a decade ago, but they were all in common interest. At present Apple and Android are the most popular in the world. So now we are reducing this integration. In the past, Facebook has ended its API integration with 22 tech companies.