WWE Raw,Return of Roman Renaissance, Bobby Rood and Bron Storman face off,Former Universal Champions Batters

The money in the bank PPV is just about 2 weeks left, but this episode of RAW before that is going to be very important. In this week, 4 Superstars who will join the Money in the Bank match in Raw are going to be seen in action. Brian Storman will face Bobby Rood, while the singles match will also be seen between Kevin Owens and Finn Baller.

Last week, Roman Rena, who remained unavailable from RAW, would also like to give a warning to Money in the Bank’s rival Jindar Mahal, returning to Raw in the week. Apart from this, Seth Rollins would also like to take a revenge from Elias last week.

Bobby Rood and Bron Storman face off

Bobby Rood was given a tremendous power slam by Monster Aussie Man Braun Storman in Raw last week. Both of them are going to be part of the Superstar Money in the Bank match, but before that, both of them will face this week on Raw.

However, this challenge is not going to be easy for Rudd, because Storman is being pushed quite a lot and facing them in the ring is not just about everyone. Both the superstars would like to present their claim for the money in the bank match by winning this match.

Former Universal Champions Batters

This week, Raw will get to see a match between two former world champions, Kevin Owens and Finn Baller. These two are also part of the superstar Money in the Bank match. Owens had interfered in Baller and Strauman’s match on Raw last week, whose revenge would want to take a Finn Baller this week.

Raw Women’s Champion Naia Jacques had made fun of her opponent Money in the Bank by Randa Rauzi last week, but as soon as Roda came in the ring, she left the place. Now, this week Ronda’s best friend and Raw Superstar Natalia will face Naia Jacks in Raw. Natalia would like to teach Jacques a lesson in Row. However, it should be seen that this week the Ronda will come in Raw or not.

IC champion Seth Rollins last week against the title of Jindar Mahal. This match was won by the Jindal castle after disqualification by the Rollins Chair attack. However, after the match, Elias surprised everyone by attacking the guitar on Rollins.

Now, this week, in Rawlins Raw would like to take a revenge from the Cardamom, as well as in that Jindar Mahal may also demand a rematch for the IC championship after last week’s win.

Return of Roman Renaissance

Roman Rena was missing out on live events including Raw last week. However, for this week’s RAW, they are being advertised. Roman Rena will return once more to the storyline ahead of her match in Money in the Bank.

Because of the Jindar Mahal, the Roman Renaissance Money In the Bank is not being part of the match, and in the mind of Rance, this thing will be good. However, it would be interesting to see how these two superstars carry their storyline ahead in Raw.