Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, No negative sentiment against Sharapova: Serena

Paris America’s veteran tennis player Serena Williams says that she has no negative feelings against Russia’s star Maria Sharapova.

According to media resources, Serena has expressed surprise about the things shown in Sharapova’s autobiography.

Serena, who won 23 Grand Slam in her career, has made 100 percent rumors about what was shown in Sharapova’s autobiography. He said that women should motivate each other instead of showing the events in the dressing room in detail.

Both Serena and Sharapova are currently playing in the second Grand Slam French Open of the year and both will face the fourth round of women’s singles on Monday.

In the matches between Sharapova and Williams, the American player has won 18 matches and Russia’s Sharapova has had success in two matches.

Sharapova has said in her autobiography ‘Unstoppable: My Life So Far’, “I feel Serena used to hate me because I was thinner and defeated.”

Serena said, “I believe that the things described in this book are completely rumored, which is a little disappointing. I have cried many times in the locker room because of the defeat and I have seen some people do it as well. ”

Serena said, “I think this is a common thing. I think these things reflect passion and desire for victory. There is no negative emotion in my mind against Sharapova. Through this book, many people will take my feelings wrongly, but this is not true. ”