England beat Pakistan in an innings and 55 runs in the lead test.

After being beaten by the Pakistan Test, after a strong return, the England team scattered Pakistan in three days. In the lead’s Handlingley Ground, England bowlers did not take the bat to take the bat in the second and final test match and hit Pakistan’s weak batting in the entire match.

In the second innings of Pakistan, Usman Salahuddin and Imam Al-Haq did not face any batting aggressive English bowling. At the beginning of the day, James Anderson and Straw Broad’s Sam Baling were already making difficulties for the Pakistani batsmen.

Both the ballers did not allow Azhar Ali, Harris Sohail and Asad Shafiq, and with the help of Extra Bounces, Pakistani batsmen kept control. When Azhar Ali started an innings with two squares, he looked up, but he did not understand the straight-handed ball of James Anderson. The newcomer Harris Sohail tried to hit the coaching scandal over James Anderson’s top-end, but the young player Dominican Base jumped into the air and caught the drained diving catch.

Asad Shafiq was beaten up after Captain’s hand over the Stump Broad ball. However, after taking England’s review, the umpire had to change his decision.

After which Pakistan had three players at 42. Shortly after dinner, Usman Salahuddin made 42 runs in partnership with Imam ul Haq and at a time it seemed that both the batsmen. Moving towards a big partnership. However, young sniper Dominic Base put Pakistan’s pressure on Imam ul Haq in his first over. Imam ul Haq took 34 runs to LBW at baseball.

Captain Sarfraz Ahmed and Shadab Khan, who was the most runner-bearer in Pakistan in the first innings, did not score for a long time and after only 18 runs, both the Batsman pavilion returned.

Shadab wicket captain took the lead when Wilkes did LWW to Sarfraz. Shortly afterward Faheem Ashraf dominated the ball with 3 runs after playing an unnecessary shot on the Dominic Baseball.

After scoring four runs in the overall score, Usman Sllouhadan runs made the base of the English captain at the base of 34 runs. The last hope to avoid the defeat of Pakistan after the loss ended. Shortly after twenty runs, Hassan Ali 9, who scored the first ball, scored the wicket in the skull on Broad Ball and came in the wicket of Mohammad Abbas’s wicket.

One of the special matches of this match is Start Broad, who took the wicket of Asad Akhtar’s record of 414 wickets with Asad Shafiq’s wicket. He has now become the 13th most successful wicketkeeper in the Test cricket.

Pakistan’s next match will now be with Scotland on June 12. The first match of two T-Totten matches is played in Edinburgh. England’s first innings score out 363 runs. And it got the lead of 189.

Pakistan was the first success on the third day when the fast bowler Mohammad Abbas kicked Samar Karan. Hassan Ali got second success by catching Chris Broadcast. Fast bowler Anderson scored five runs with Hassan Ali. Joe Butler scored out for 80 runs.

England scored 302 runs at the loss of seven wickets at the end of the second day. England gets 145 runs against Pakistan and it has three wickets remaining. Jose Butler and Sam Karan were present on Chris. In the first over, the fast bowler looked at Mohammad shoulder’s discomfort and after two overs he was removed from the bowling.

The first session of the test match was not the first session due to the rain. After lunch, on the second day of the match, Pakistan got the first breakthrough when Muhammad Aamir got out of the rout. He made 45 runs.

After the break of tea, Pakistan won second success, Mohammad Amir, when he scored Malan on 28 runs. Soon Pakistan succeeded by Shadab Khan when he scored twenty. Base 49 runs out on scores.

Mohammad Amir Mohammad, Fahim Ashraf, two, two while Shadab Khan, Hassan Ali and Mohammad Abbas got one out. England had 106 runs at the loss of two wickets at the end of the first day on Friday.

Earlier, Pakistan won the toss and decided to bat first, it was facing trouble from the beginning. In the second over of the match, at the Broadcasting Ground of Chris Broad, Imam ul Haq made Joe Roch a catch.

Then Azhar Ali was also targeted by Broad. He made only two runs. Harris Sohail hit the target for 29 runs. Pakistan made Shadab Khan 56, Harris Sohail 28 and Asad Shafiq made 27 runs. England by James Anderson, Stewart Broad and Chris Woox out of three.