WWE,John Cena, Nicky Bella,uncovering the breakdown of Cena and Baila, the punk and the wrestling giant died

The breakup of John Cena and Nicky Bella has been a while, both of which were broken in April this year. But it is being speculated that these two can once again start their relationship. The WWE has confirmed that E! According to reports, the breakup has happened but they are again negotiating to be together.

The case of defamation case on CM Punk and Coult Cuban by WWE doctor Chris Aman also took place on Friday. During this time, CM Punk defended himself several times. Meanwhile, when asked about 2014 Royal Rumble of Punk, he started crying.

Last week, the Roman REN was not seen on Raw, causing a shock to RAW’s ratings. Apart from this, SmackDown also had the same situation. The Blue brand was not liked while champion AJ Stiles was not shown in. According to Kaisaside Seats, both the legendary Superstar will return to the ring once again next week. Both superstars celebrated their birthday due to which they could not be part of WWE.

Money in the bank’s countdown has started. For this WWE has announced another big match. Now Seth Rollins is going to defend his title in PPV. After winning in WrestleMania, Seth Rollins is constantly defending his title. Seth Rollins won the title by defeating Finn Baller and The Miz in Triple Threat match at Wrestlemania 34 and finished his Grand Slam in the WWE.

WWE’s live event was held in Alexandria. This event without a Roman Rena got the good response, while Sath Rollins took part in the Main Event match. Altogether, there were four championship matches to be seen. Storman and Lashley again teamed up. During this, there was a great match between Lashley and Storman.

Brock Lesnar’s return to the WWE is almost fixed now. Since he has defeated Roman Rena in the Greatest Royal Rumble, he has not made his comeback in the WWE. Backlash PPV came and gone, Money in the Bank is now going to happen and so far Raw is not aware of the Universal Champion.

Daniel Brian, one of WWE’s biggest superstars, will not be part of the Money in the Bank ladder match this year. Daniel Bryan had the chance to qualify for this match, but he did not succeed in making the place. Knowing the wrestling right there, Dave Meltzer believes that Daniel did not qualify because this match could be very dangerous for him. Let us tell you that Rice beat Brian in the Money in the Bank qualifying match three weeks ago.