FIFA World Cup 2018: 5 players who can be in the race for Golden Boot this time at the forefront

The next name in this match is Germany’s star footballer Thomas Muller, just opposite Messi, there are some different players in the Muller World Cup. At the age of 20, the player had captured the Golden Boot in 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, shocking everyone.

Muller’s performance was also Qabil-e-Prahaarf in the FIFA World Cup held in 2014, and Muller is credited with making Germany the fourth time champion. However, since Muller’s performance has been declining since 2016, Muller has scored 16 goals this season and has helped fellow players score so often.

But the talent of Muller on the big stage like the World Cup is also revealed, hopefully, he once again captures the golden boot and helps Germany defend the title.

Harry Kane, a player who would be playing in the FIFA World Cup for the first time, but expectations from them are too much. England’s current captain Ken is in the best format this time, for Tottenham, Ken has scored 43 goals in 50 matches this season. With these figures alone, Ken is currently one of the world’s most expensive strikers.

Along with Kane, there are Rahim Sterling and Marcus Rashford in this team, that means if the trio were in their full color, then 50 years later, the England FIFA World Cup could come close to their name. It depends on Harry Kane’s performance, and this is why 24-year-old Ken is one of the strong contenders of the Golden Boot in this fashion.

In 2014 FIFA World Cup, hardly anyone had regarded France as the title of the title, but despite this, France had traveled up to the quarterfinals. Antoine Guzman is credited with taking France to the last-8, then Greasyman did not have many names, but since then the player has made a different identity. While playing for Atletico Madrid, Glassman has scored 28 goals in every season, with Engine playing in forwarding, France has a lot of expectations in the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Grizzaman also performed amazingly in France for Euro 2016, where he also won the Golden Boot award for his 6 goals. If Greece ever repeats this performance in the World Cup then France can do even better in this World Cup.

There was a time when Brazil was dominated by the world of soccer, this team still has the record of being the world champion for most 5 times. This time Brazil has the highest expectation from any player, then it is young star Neymar. Even 4 years ago, Neymar had a chance to make history, but due to injury, he and Brazil had to be disappointed.

The 26-year-old Neymar’s name is just a record of 53 international goals, more than this goal was scored by just a few Brazilian players. Including the name of big players like Pelé, Ronaldo, and Romario. There is a clear indication that Neymar is so talented.

If Neymar’s magic goes on in the FIFA World Cup in Russia, then Brazil can also take the sixth of the World Cup trophy. And this is possible only when Neymar Golden Boot is named after it.